Why Hulam?

Since our childhoods, music has constituted a great part of our lives and we still cherish it dearly today. We can both play different instruments as amateurs but we had never thought of creating them. Amazingly, our life journeys were steered this way eventually and today, we proudly and enthusiastically create these beloved percussion instrument of ours.

The story of Hulam has begun during one of our caravan trips. We tend to encounter many interesting people there and the biggest stimulus came during a meeting with people from the Žít Lehce community, which was organized by our friend Janek Sedlář. We were introduced to an interesting music therapy instrument there and it was a love at first hearing. Already during the meeting, the idea to try to create such a sound at home occured to us. Immediately after returning home, the first trials and errors began. A lot of studying and tuning was required at first until finally we managed to create a completely new instrument. We and our friends and acquaintances fell in love with it. It was thanks to all their positive responses and interest that spurred us to embark on the production  journey large scale.

And why “Hulam”? We both have Hungarian roots, and we wanted the instrument to have a name that represents a part of us. Our instruments create sound waves, which in Hungarian translates as “hullám”. For simplicity, we shortened the word to Hulam, and the name for our instruments was born.