References and cooperation

A center dedicated to music therapy, music relaxation and music workshops.
We deliver musical instruments from our portfolio to K centrum and provide them with servicing of musical instruments.

“We thank Hulam for enriching the repertoire of our music therapy tools, which we will be very happy to use when working with children and adults. They have a wonderfully clear sound, offer amazing variability and are complementary to each other, which offers the possibility of a creative improvisation. We are very grateful for this cooperation!”

Music shop focused on selling selected brands of stringed instruments – primarily guitars, ukuleles and banjos.

We supply Music Express with our musical instruments, with which they have expanded their collection. We also supply mallets for percussions, which we also produce at the request of our contractor.

A married couple that provides a music therapy for their clients as well as private lessons, educational concerts, and “journeys along the sound”. They also play, present, and sell musical instruments from all around the world.

We create musical instruments for Ramivana which are designed specifically for their concerts, journeys along the sound and for further sale.

Slovak manufacturer of high-end active speakers for professional studios and for demanding hi-fi fans.

We regularly service speakers for ACON professional, tape recorders, amplifiers, radio tuners and CD players.

Bratislava service focused on the repair of consumer devices containing electronics.

In our long-term cooperation with MG Servis, we provide diagnostics and repair of speakers, DJ docks, keyboards, radios, gramophones, and CD players.