Who are we?


He is a graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and a repairman of anything he comes across that needs fixing. Despite his technical orientation, the art still calls to his heart strongly, since at an early age, he was first introduced to his father’s blacksmith’s workshop, where he was creating bells. Later, his passion for music was invigorated thanks to playing the accordion and piano. During the manufacture of his musical instruments, he makes sure to acquire and merge the knowledge of the technological niche and the world of art, which he then imbues with his manual skills to manufacture exquisite, soul-felt instruments with a pristine sound quality.

He oversees the production of instrument, the purchase of materials and the running of the workshop. He also loves to test the instruments and present them to his friends.


She is a graduate of Musicology at the Charles University in Bratislava and an analyst of music of all kinds. She has been devoted to music since her childhood, not only as a listener but also as a creator. She studied piano and can play drums, recreationally plays flute and guitar and for several years she sang in the Slovak Radio and at Aréna Theater as a guest.

She is in charge of text editing, website design and operation, business strategy and marketing.